Why detect in the first place ? 

Icoms Detections radars are used for many applications, both in detection and traffic data collection and measurement.

  • Measurement of bicycle path usage
  • Speed moderation around schools and in accident-prone areas
  • Reduction of energy consumption generated by public lighting by lighting where you want and only when necessary
  • Traffic light control for traffic without civil engineering
    Icoms Detections Radars
    TMT Radar

    Why use an Icoms radar?

    Because it detects further than an infrared sensor, requires no maintenance and is not influenced by ambient light or temperature.

    Because it is non-intrusive and can therefore be installed easily and safely.

    Because it is reliable and Icoms has manufactured and supplied thousands of them all over the world for 25 years…

    Intersection Management

    Intersection management

    • Call or colour phase extension on detection of moving vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists
    • Detection of stationary vehicles at the stop line
    • Measurement on one or more lanes simultaneously
    Traffic Data Collection

    Data collection

    • Fixed or mobile radar for counting, speed measurement and vehicle length classification
    • Bicycle counts on bicycle paths
    • Measurement on one or more lanes simultaneously
    Speed Monitoring System


    • Educational Radars
    • Very low power OEM sensors for VMS
    • Over/under speed detection for dynamic signalling triggering
    • Solutions for queue prediction 
    Smart Public Lighting

    Clever ligthing

    • Very low power OEM sensors
    • Detection of vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists
    • For walking trails, urban or industrial sites, roads and highways...

    A question, request or proposal? 

    A question, request or proposal?