LED warning sign – regulate traffic and improve road safety

LED warning sign

Are you looking to secure the roads in a city or town? Would you like to have a more effective tool than a simple road sign? Have you ever thought about the digital LED warning sign? This solution makes it possible to show motorists that they do not respect the maximum authorized speed. Their speed is displayed on a screen in real time and if the driver reduces her speed, she will see it in real time. The display will change from red to green once the speed has been adjusted to the limitation in force.

Why should you place an I-SAFE LED warning sign?

The aim of the I-SAFE digital LED sign is not repressive but rather preventive. It is generally placed in sensitive areas, such as near a school or an entrance to an urban area. This makes it easier for motorists to become aware of their behavior on the road. Moreover, these signs reduce the pace of motorists by 20 to 30% on average. This is therefore a very positive aspect and a simple solution to implement to make road traffic safer!

What are the characteristics of the I-SAFE device?

Reliable and accurate, the I-SAFE LED warning sign complies with current standards. The figures are 39cm high and are displayed as soon as the vehicle is detected, i.e. at a distance between 120 and 200m. The message and the text or the pictogram displayed on it are fully customizable, which is a plus.

The LED warning sign kit is very easy to install. Once installed, you can either connect it to the grid or power it with a solar panel. The I-SAFE is resistant to adverse weather conditions and to both high and low temperatures, making it very reliable.

Finally, you can analyze the traffic on the road where the LED warning sign is placed. The information is accessible through a very simple system. This will allow you to measure the effectiveness of the radar and see if it really improves safety.

Icoms Detections also manufactures other products for road traffic management such as traffic counters, bicycle counters and sensors for traffic light management, to name a few examples.