The TMA-122 is an all-in-one microwave detector for traffic light management.

It replaces the approach loop and the presence loop at the foot of the light. It counts vehicles crossing the traffic light line, detects their approach AND presence at the foot of the light.

Your benefit? A reduction in costs on:

  • the civil engineering budget
  • the security budget
  • the personal intervention budget
TMA-122 - All-in-One Microwave Detector

Operation and strengths

The TMA-122 detects vehicles approaching the stop line from a distance of 20 or 60m. Two relays are activated: one when a vehicle is moving in an area 20 or 60m in front of the stop line, the other when a vehicle is moving or stopping in an (adjustable) area of 10m by default in front of the stop line. The “foot of the light” relay is maintained, within the time limit of forgetting, until the vehicle is restarted.  This relay switches for each vehicle crossing the stop line. The information thus transmitted to the controller can be easily converted into a count. If a vehicle does not start when the light turns green, the automatic control system is thus informed of a possible blockage of the intersection.

  • Detection of moving and stationary vehicles
  • Range: up to 60m for movement, 10 or 15m for presence at the foot of the light
  • Settings without opening the housing
  • Self-monitoring
  • Comfort of installation and use:
    • above-ground installation
    • works in all weathers
    • maintenance-free
    • trustworthy
TMA-122_Représentation EU_relais 1 et 2_moving stationary counting_60m_EN_V3

Technical features

Recommended installation configuration (installation height: 4.5 m)

minimum back distance: 2 m from the stop line

offset up to 2 m from the edge of the roadway

Detection direction incoming
Detection distance up to 60 m
Detectable speeds up to  110 km/h
Size of unit

TMA-122-LV: 68x99x119 mm

TMA-122-MV & TMA-122-HV: 68x99x168 mm

Weight (excluding cable and mounting bracket)

TMA-122-LV: 350 g

TMA-122-MV: 460 g

TMA-122-HV:485 g

Degree of protection IP65
Mount specific system provided, adapted M8
Operating temperature range from -20°C to +60°C (- 40° C with heating option)
Power supply

TMA-122-LV: 10-30 VAC/12-60 VDC

TMA-122-MV: 15-54 VAC/21-75 VDC

TMA-122-HV: 100-240 VAC

Power consumption < 1,2 W @ 12 VDC or 24 VDC; < 2 W @ 220 VAC
Frequency K-Band – 24.165-24,235 Ghz
E.I.R.P. < 20 dBm
User output two LEDs on front panel – two inverter relay contacts


Use cases

  • Regulation of traffic lights: call, extension, presence at the foot of the traffic lights
  • Vehicle counts by intersection
  • Counting of entrances and exits of open-air car parks, without infrastructure
induction loops show

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A question, request or proposal?