The TMS-QD detects the formation of slowdowns and the return to regular traffic flow, based on the number of vehicles and their average speed.

Easy to install, it is particularly suitable for motorway exit ramps.  It is connected to a warning panel to initiate a “queue in formation” alert message or indicate a load-shedding route.

TMT Radar

Operation and stengths

This Doppler radar has a relay output and can be configured via an RS-232 serial link.

The radar has a “traffic jam” counter and a “fluid” counter.  Each counter is associated with a threshold, a speed and a timer.

When a number of vehicles greater than the value determined for the “traffic jam” counter and running at a speed below the determined threshold has been measured during the selected interval, the “traffic jam” relay is activated.  When the “fluid” values are reached, the relay is released.

The radar is non-intrusive.  Simple and quick to install, it works in all weather and light conditions.

TMS-QD Doppler Radar

Technical features

Frequency K-Band : 24.1250 GHz
Detectable speeds from 5 to 250 km/h
Protection level IP65
Power Supply 12-60 VDC
Power Consumption +/- 55 mA to 12-24 V DC
Transmission power < 5 mW
Operating temperatures from –40 °C to +75 °C
Size of unit 70 x 100 x 270 mm
Interface RS232
Transmission speed 9.600 – 115.200 bps
Weight 1.3 kg, excluding cable and mount

Horizontal installation angle

Installation Height

Detection distance


from 2,5 m to 5 m

maximum 10 m

User output

changeover relay contact

resistive load : 110 VAC 0,5A – 24 VDC 1A

inductive load : 110 VAC 0,2A – 24 VDC 0,3A

Use cases

  • Detection of lines in formation (danger alert, load shedding routes):
    • exit ramps
    • industrial and commercial zones
    • building site areas
  • Anti-blocking on intersections (city of Paris)
Detection of lines in formation

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A question, request or proposal?