The TMS-SA is a road traffic counter, autonomous, above-ground and mobile.

It allows you to:

  • conduct periodic measurement campaigns and/or attendance studies
  • identify the black spots
  • collect traffic data prior to urban development
  • reduce installation time
  • increase the safety of installers

It counts, measures the speed and length of vehicles on a lane by direction of travel.

TMS-SA Road Traffic Counter

Operation and strengths

The TMS-SA includes a battery and memory for storing 1 million measurements.

Its assets:

  • light (6 kg)
  • simple and quick to install
  • three weeks of battery life
  • including operating software
  • extended installation possibilities (1 to 8 m high)
  • configuration without cable or device opening: configurable via Bluetooth with your Android smartphone



Technical Features

Detectable speeds from 10 to 255 km/h
Size of unit 245 x 270 x 230 mm, mount included
Weight 6,7 kg
Protection degree IP64
Mount four holes on the back side for all types of mounting
Operating temperature from -30°C to + 60°C
Power Supply battery included 6 V/12 Ah
Battery life three weeks
Frequency K-band: 24.125 Ghz
Communication interface Bluetooth
Memory one million of vehicles
–       Operating system Windows XP or later, minimum 512 MB RAM
–       Disk space needed 50 Mb
Precision speed: < 100 km/h: +/- 3 km/h et > 100 km/h: 3 %
classification: +/- 10 % (max. four length classes)
counting: +/- 3 %

Use cases

  • Annual campaigns for counting, classification and speed measurement
  • Measurements on road construction sites
  • Objectification of neighbourhood complaints
  • Measures prior to urban development
  • Frequentation studies
Measurements on road construction sites

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A question, request or proposal?