One of the strengths of radar technology is its ability to measure the speed of any moving object.  It is not influenced by light or heat conditions.

Pedestrian, cyclist or truck with trailer, no matter: they will be detected.

Pedestrian Crossing Systems
TMT Radar

Why use an Icoms radar ?

Because a radar detects further than an infrared sensor

Because it requires no maintenance and is not influenced by ambient light or temperature, high or low.

Because it is non-intrusive and can therefore be installed easily and safely.

Because it is reliable and Icoms has manufactured and supplied thousands of them all over the world for 25 years…

Vehicle Detection Systems

Motorised vehicles

  • Traffic light control
  • Queue prediction
  • Traffic measurement: counting, speed measurement, classification
  • Speed alert: educational radars, sensors for PMV activation...
Bicycle Detection At Traffic Signals


  • Bicycle counts on bicycle paths
  • Dedicated traffic light control
  • Alert for motorists on bicycle crossing
  • Activation of public lighting on the presence of cyclists


Pedestrian Crossing Detection


  • Traffic light control: adaptive pedestrian green
  • Activation of public lighting on pedestrian presence
  • Pedestrian crossing alert for motorists


A question, request or proposal? 

A question, request or proposal?