Traffic counting device, what use?

Traffic counter

The term radar is often reminiscent of a speed trap that verbalizes for speeding. However, a traffic counting device is completely different. Indeed, it aims at analyzing road traffic to determine the degree of use of the road in question. The counting radar works equally well on county and national roads as in urban areas. In fact, it is very common for heavy goods vehicles to leave the highways to avoid tolls. Thanks to the traffic counting device, it is possible to determine the number of trucks using secondary roads.

How does it work?

The TMS-SA traffic counting device designed by Icoms Detections is very easy to use. Indeed, once installed on a pole, you just need to set it up using the Bluetooth wireless communication. All that remains is to analyze the results.

What are the strengths of the traffic counting device?

Small and very easy to move, it is also very easy to set up. In addition, it does not require road traffic to be stopped when setting it up, thus avoiding creating traffic jams. Finally, the installer does not intervene on the road, which leaves him safe.

As for the data, you will get the individual measurements including speed, length and direction of travel. The data is also time stamped to the hundredth of a second. The software that comes with it is free of charge and provides the key information allowing a better understanding of the traffic, such as the average speed, the V85 speed, the percentage of speeding, the proportion of heavy goods vehicles etc. This information can be exported in an Excel file featuring various graphs and charts.


Icoms Detections also manufactures other products for road traffic management such as speed displays, bicycle counters and sensors for traffic light management, to name a few examples.